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Assisted Living

As part of REFCORP’s portfolio diversification, we have identified a long-term, market fluctuation resilient investment opportunities.  With increasing mental health populations, the need for Assisted Living is greater than ever before.  By converting existing homes into Assisted Living homes in areas in close proximity to hospitals, we have found a low-cost solution to fulfilling this market demand while ensuring long term gains.


Bethany Home was established to create a safe clean environment or individuals that struggle with mental health where the focus will be providing education training and  treatment for adults'’ ages 18 to 65 who have been diagnosed with a mental illness and or substance use  disorder. 


We are currently wrapping up the final stages of our second Assisted Living Home located in on Keim Ave also in Phoenix.  This residence will be a 12 bed facility and will continue the same mission as Bethany Home.

We continue to look for additional Assisted Living placement opportunities throughout the Valley and surrounding areas.

Bethany Home

Why Invest?

  • Long Term Investment Yields

  • Low-Cost Build with Residential Property Conversion

  • Portfolio Diversification

  • Resilient to Stock Market Fluctuations

Keim Residence

Want to learn more about Assisted Living Homes? 

Contact Us to schedule a meeting to answer all your questions in full!

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