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Our Company

REFCORP is a Real Estate Development company based in Scottsdale, Arizona.  The saying “The buck stops here”, could not be embodied more by our boutique firm.  Our team looks at each other more as a family than just as colleges.  With this mindset - It’s our name on the line, our reputations – not just as a business but as a family.  There is a personal stake in each deal and interaction.  We are here to build a legacy as individual team members and as a company with projects contributing to neighborhood rejuvenation that will stand the tests of time.

What We Do

REFCORP invests and develops in opportunistic Real Estate. REFCORP generates consistent high yielding returns through Bridge loans and real ​estate investment secured by ​Notes and Deeds of Trust. ​

Our Process

When considering a potential real estate project, the criteria starts with a cost analysis.  Cost to acquire the property, cost to build or rehab, what are the market conditions that will dictate the sales price.  In addition to hard figures, there is a key component when considering a project potential – location.  

REFCORP is comprised of team members with various areas of expertise that cover every aspect of the buying, building, and selling process.  Our team conducts a thorough evaluation of each proposed project from architectural design, permitting requirements, to Real Estate Market analysis to ensure that it will meet our quality standards as well as offer a reasonable rate of return. 

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