Meet Adam Child

Adam Child President of Real Estate Finance CorporationAdam Child is the President of Real Estate Finance Corporation (REFCORP) and has been a Real Estate Lender/investor in Arizona since 1989 and is a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator in Arizona. Mr. Child has been recognized as:

  • A top individual construction loan broker by National Bank of Arizona
  • A top Mortgage Broker by several banks, including Washington Mutual and Chevy Chase Banks.
  • A preferred lender for several home builders in Arizona including Fulton Homes, Shea Homes and Estes Homes.
  • Mr. Child is currently managing more than 40 projects at various stages of rehab and ground up construction and has been focused almost exclusively on short term bridge loans, rehab loans and construction loans since 2011.  Mr. Child also hosts educational events on how investors can get involved in Trust Deed Investing.

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